Like I said in the last post, the concept of work and school are things that I want to explore further in all different ways. One thing that I have recently become aware of is the toll that my work and my schooling has on my eyes. For some context, I already have terrible, terrible eyes and have worn either contacts or glasses since I was quite young. Furthermore, the bulk of my work is on the computer and, to save money and trees, I also tend to read a lot of my research articles on my tablet and I also write my papers on a computer as well. From all this you can gather that on most days I am in front of a screen of some sort – which has not helped my eyes at all.

I had heard about “computer glasses” in the past and I had originally considered getting lenses equipped with this feature when I got my most recent pair of glasses. However, my prescription is such that my lenses are already cost a heavy chunk of change, so I did not really want to add another feature on top of what I had to pay. Since I tend to wear contacts most of the time anyway, I figured that feature wouldn’t do me much good anyway.

Fast forward many months and I came across a YouTube video that discussed some cute workspace essentials. Lo and behold, there was a pair of really chic looking digital protection glasses (aka “computer glasses”) featured from EyeBuyDirect. I usually am pretty good about not getting pulled into buying products just from watching reviews, but I was immediately interested. What struck me was that you could get digital protection lenses without a prescription attached – this perfect for me since I already wear contacts and just wanted to help ease the tension on my eyes from staring at screens. I hopped on the site and poked around until I landed on the Anahi style in the Brown/Tortoise. I will admit that these were not cheap (though they were on sale!) but in the realm of glasses, these were incredibly reasonably priced. I decided to give them a try, for the sake of my eyes.

They arrived and as soon as I put them on, I noticed a difference. They really do cancel out the blue light from my laptop screen, my tablet, and my larger ACER screen I used for work. It’s a very subtle difference, but after wearing them for a few days and testing them out in different situations, I can say that they definitely do what they say they do. My eyes do not get as fatigued as quickly with these on. These frames are also very lightweight, particularly since I did not get any prescription with these, so I can comfortably wear them for long periods of time, even if my head is angled slightly downward to look at my laptop or tablet. My other glasses with an actual prescription are very heavy, so I am constantly pushing them back up, which can get annoying after a while. The Anahi style lets me have a big (shall we say “trendy”) style of lenses, which I have been loving – and I don’t have to keep pushing them up!

I highly recommend taking a look at their glasses if working on screens is something you do a lot, because I have definitely noticed a difference in eye fatigue since I bought these!


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