another favorite: on ōe kenzaburō


Like many people, I find it really difficult to start writing. By now, I’m pretty familiar with how I approach writing: research a lot until you get to a point where you know (deep inside) that you need to actually sit down and start writing about all the ideas that you have been focusing on for ages during the research phrase. It’s hard to start writing, because I worry about covering all my bases — what if I read that one book that really, really makes my argument solid — and making an argument that is actually interesting. However, I’ve come to realize that we can always improve our bibliographies and that we can honestly never come to the end of the research period. But we have to start writing since we’ll only ever have an asymptotic relationship to a research saturation point.

One way that I’ve found that I can get the writing process started much more easily is by writing on here. There are far fewer stakes within this space and I can start playing around with the material that I’ve been looking at without worrying about formatting or an overall structure; I can just write! Since I have been focusing on Ōe Kenzaburō over the last few months, I thought I would take time and do a little feature on him since he is one of my favorite authors.

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