book boxes: on the boxwalla

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If you have been following my Instagram feed for a while, you may have noticed that I receive a book box from The Boxwalla every two months. I have been receiving these boxes for over a year and a half now and have finally come around to feeling like I can provide solid feedback on their content and their ethos as a company. The Boxwalla actually offers four different types of boxes: books, beauty, food, and film (all of which you can switch between if you are part of the subscription service), but since I am only familiar with their book box, I will focus on that service. Before I say more, I want to pause here to lay some things out. In this day and age, it’s always good to be as transparent as possible, so I want to say that I don’t have any sort of affiliate relationship with them nor do I get any compensation for anything I say about them. I do receive the boxes for free, but there has never been any pressure to review the boxes — clearly, since it has taken me about a year and a half to actually write a post about them.

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