roxane gay: hunger


I had the privilege of seeing Roxane Gay read from her latest book and (wittily) do a little Q & A with the audience. This is the first time I had ever heard her speak or gone to any of her events; although I had seen her work floating around the internet – especially Bad Feminist – I never ended up reading her work until a few months ago, when my friend and I saw her name on an events list and decided to go. I am really happy that I finally became acquainted with her work. Better late than never!

The event I attended was for her latest work Hunger, which is billed as her memoir on her relationship with her body. Before I read this text, I had finished reading Bad Feminist (again, better late than never, right?) and her series of short stories Difficult Women, for my little book club. What I like about Gay’s writing is the grittiness of it and the fact that she depicts trauma in a way that is not spectacle. There is not a lot that is “beautiful” about the things the women are subjected to (or subject themselves to in some cases) in Difficult Women in particular, and yet Gay is able to show the complexities behind human action. And there is something beautiful in Gay’s ability to depict horrific things in a way that draws out empathy from the reader in a way that isn’t voyeuristic – at least for me, at any rate. I knew from reading Difficult Women that Gay is able to handle messy topics really well, so once I saw some more information coming out about Hunger I knew it was something I should read.

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